• Eating Cake for TripAdvisor
  • 2018 Certifcate of Excellance Melville Manor

Eating Cake at Melville Manor - Thank you TripAdvisor!

Posted on Fri September 14, 2018.

We received an award for Certificate of Excellence for 2018 from TripAdvisor. Yay! Time to celebrate here at Melville Manor.

Anna, Irene & Caroline - the real gems of Melville Manor - love eating cake. Chocolate is the number 1 choice. We always celebrate our birthdays with cake, but today we ate cake to celebrate our award of Excellence from TripAdvisor. 

So here we all are. 

Anna is the 'Johannesburg Mother'  to a lot of our guests, especially the returning ones. She has worked here for over 20 years. Anna is standing up on the right in the picture.

Irene is our sports fanatic. Irene shares her views, thoughts and scores with all our guests, especially if it is cricket - that is her game. Irene has been here for 20 years. She seriously LOVES cake. Irene is kneeling down on the right of me.

Caroline is our happy, calm, smiling face. Always happy and friendly. Caroline does not like icing, but loves cake - which the rest of us find quite crazy. Caroline has been here for more than 15 years. Caroline is cutting the cake.

I am Jane. I love cake too. But more so, I love the chatting around the kitchen counter that we all do while eating the cake. I have been here for nearly 10 years.

Cheers to eating cake, celebrating excellance and three cheers to our wonderful guests and their reviews. Without you we would not be eating cake.

*Please note we do not serve cake at Breakfast.